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Volunteer Opportunities

Niles School offers a variety of programs, events and activities to enhance each student's academic experience. These programs are coordinated and run mostly by parent volunteers.  Volunteers can participate in a variety of the activities listed below including the Bulldog Jog, Halloween Carnival, room parent, site committees, docents for Music for Minors II and FAME, and captain of the Junior Safety Patrol, to name just a few.

If you would like to volunteer for any of the programs, events and activities listed below, please contact the office for more information.

Educational Programs

Fine Arts Mini Experience (FAME)

FAME docent volunteers provide musical, dramatic or other arts-related education to individual classrooms.  This can be a one-time or ongoing commitment.  Materials and training are provided to volunteers.

Music for Minors II

Music for Minors II docents bring music education to individual classrooms.  Docent training is provided to volunteers.  If you would like to be trained as a docent, contact the school office or visit the Music for Minors II for more information.

Parent Education Nights

The Parent Education Committee is committed to putting together educational sessions on a variety of interesting and relevant topics.  Sessions are held in the evenings in the school auditorium.

Classroom Programs and Activities

Birthday Book Club

Students can donate a new or slightly used book to the school on their birthday.  Each child has his/her name (and photo if desired) printed in the book.  Volunteers assist in the processing of these donated books at school or at home.

Library Volunteers

Support our library program and volunteer with reshelving and checking books in/out, typing, filing and other administrative tasks as needed. Contact the library directly for more information on how you can help.

Room Parent Coordinators

A Room Parent works with a teacher to coordinate classroom parties and activities as requested.  In addition, the Room Parent serves as the classroom's point of contact for several school wide events and is responsible for securing volunteers for these events.  This is a wonderful experience for both you and your child.

Scholastic Book Faire

A monthly book sale sponsored by Scholastic Books. Students receive a catalog to order from.  Proceeds support individual classroom reading programs at Niles School.

Teacher Helpers

Help your child's teacher or other teachers by providing assistance with computer lab, math lab, class projects, copying, collating, or other special projects as needed.  Any amount of time you can provide is appreciated and welcome.  Many projects can also be done from home.  Please contact teachers directly for more information on how you can help.

Social Activities and Events

Back-to-School BBQ

Catch up with neighbors, friends, teachers and school staff after a long summer at this annual BBQ social held at the beginning of the school year.  New to Niles School? This is a great place to meet new people in a fun and friendly environment.  Volunteers help coordinate the event, shop, setup, and of course barbeque!

Bulldog Daze

Bulldog Daze is a celebration held towards the end of the school year where students circulate, with their class, through many game stations set up in the school yard.  The result is a whirlwind of fun for everyone.  Volunteers are needed to plan the event, set up, and staff the game stations on the big day.

First Day Coffee House

What do you do after you drop off your child on the first day of school?  Why not enjoy coffee and treats in the school auditorium and learn more about the many exciting programs, events, and activities held during the school year and how you can participate.

Founder's Day

An annual celebration held to honor the efforts of those who help make Niles a great school.  Awards are presented and entertainment is provided by some classrooms.  Volunteers help coordinate and run the event.

Halloween Carnival

Held annually on or near Halloween, this carnival provides games, snacks and activities for all the neighborhood ghosts and goblins.  Volunteers are recruited from each class to staff booths, provide baked goods, decorations, collect donations and more.

Holiday Boutique

The Holiday Boutique is a service which provides students the opportunity to plan and budget for affordable holiday gift giving.  At the boutique, with friends and family in mind, students will have a chance to shop for and wrap gifts priced from 25 cents to $10.  The Holiday Boutique is usually held after the Thanksgiving break.  Volunteers are recruited from each class to help setup, staff the boutique, donate wrapping items and assist our little holiday shoppers.

Talent Show

Every other Spring, the artistic talents of our students are showcased. Singers, dancers, twirlers, musicians and more entertain the community.  Volunteers are needed for rehearsals, costumes, ticket sales and more.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

An annual celebration held to show the wonderful Niles School teachers and staff our appreciation of their efforts to enrich our children's academic experience.  Volunteers help coordinate, prepare food, set up and run the luncheon.

School Health and Safety

Emergency Packs

Each Niles School family supplies an emergency food pack from home for each student in their family.  Emergency food packs are collected and stored in a safe place during the school year.  In the event of a disaster, food packs will be shared at school as needed among those children left in the school's care.  Food packs will be returned to the students at the end of the school year provided no disaster has occurred.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is an important part of Niles School.  It's about crisis prevention, earthquake readiness, playground safety and ensuring the overall safety of our students.  Volunteers will help with scheduled disaster drills during the year and anti-drug campaigns such as Red Ribbon Week.

Junior Safety Patrol

Members of the Junior Safety Patrol enhance the safety of our students that are transported and picked up by car in the loading zone located on School Street.  Adult volunteers are required to be team captains and 5th or 6th grade student volunteers are needed to help the children exit their vehicles.

Yard Duty/Lunch Supervisor

A paid position that assists in the supervision of arriving students (8:00 - 8:30 AM) and during lunch (11:45 AM - 12:35 PM) Monday through Friday.  Substitute positions are available.  Fingerprinting is required.

Other Activities and Volunteer Opportunities


Buddy Family

New to Niles School? Sign up to have your own personal buddy family to ask all those little questions that come up during the year.  Ask your buddy family about the Halloween Carnival, fundraisers, Holiday Boutique, Loading Zone and more.  Want to be a buddy family? Sign up to be teamed with a new family and share all the fun things we do here at Niles School.

Bulletin Boards

Update school bulletin boards as needed.  Submit requests for postings to School Principal for approval.

Community Events

Niles School regularly participates with the greater community for a number of celebrations and social events.  Programs include the holiday tree ornament decorating and tree-lighting ceremony, Spring Art Show, Silent Film Festival and more.  Volunteers help coordinate these events between the various community organizations and our school.

Other Programs

Volunteers can help with one-time only programs including picture day, hearing and vision screening and more.  Contact the Main Office directly to see when and where you can help.

School Site Council

An elected body that works as a liaison between the Fremont Unified School District and Niles School.  They provide general planning, instruction program and strategic guidance for Niles School.