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Gould - Teacher Page

GouldThis is my 8th year teaching Kindergarten at Niles Elementary. I am the proud mom of three children, two of whom attend Niles. I look forward to a providing a productive and creative year of instruction. The Niles Kindergarten Team is constantly collaborating and coming up with new ways to help students succeed.  We are passionate about trying and applying, new effective teaching strategies. We can't wait to meet this years class and dive into learning! 

Special Announcement - Early Wednesdays begin 9/12. Class time will be from 8:15-11:35.

Welcome to Room 2

2018-19 school year
PM Kindergarten hours: 11:40- 3:00
Early Wednesdays begin 9/12 from
8:15-11:35.  The schedule will remain with Early Wednesdays, every week, for the remainder of the year to allow for Kindergarten PLC collaboration. 
Room Phone #: 793-1141 ext. 61102 
Hours to be reached by phone are 8:00-8:15 or 3:00-3:15.    *Please note that these times are before and after class. 
Primary email:
Sign up for Remind (a free messaging and communication system)  - Using a Smart phone -enter the code 81010 and text @mrsrgould

This is a communication system that I will use to send reminders and keep parents informed.


Other Info

Monthly Book Club books are available to order. Books are affordably priced and classroom purchases help to build our classroom library.


Cindy Moo

The main character over hears a little girl reciting a popular Nursery Rhyme. Cindy Moo gets inspired to try something she has never tried before. Can she jump the moon?

The Kissing Hand by Aubrey Penn
Year Published: 1993
Picture book - Fiction
The Kissing Hand is a story about a Raccoon who is having a hard time thinking about being away from his Mother and going to school. His mother comes up with a creative and heartwarming way to soothe his fears. 

Language Arts
We will be reading, writing, and discussing about the following themes: Families, Friends, Transportation, Food, Animals, Neighborhood, Weather, Plants, Amazing Creatures, and lastly, I Know a Lot!

Big Ideas - Counting beyond 100, adding and subtracting from 1-10 with fluency, writing numbers passed 30, adding and subtracting stories, partners of numbers through 10, teen numbers, classifying, and story problems.

Students will be read a variety of book genres throughout the year. They will need to be able to identify the author and illustrator, identify characters, setting, and major events, name the different genres, ask and answer question about key details. By the end of the year the goal is that students will be reading emergent text with fluency and comprehension.

Students will be taught how to draw, dictate, and write using three styles of writing: opinion, informative / explanatory, and sequencing events.

Concepts we will explore our animal needs, plant needs, habitats, magnets, life cycles, weather, and seasons.


Classroom Rules

The classroom rules are simple but effective.

1.  Show Respect

2.  Make Good Decisions

3. Solve Problems 

Students are expected to come to class ready to learn and participate. They are taught to work in table groups to complete assignments and to work independently during workstations.  Our rules, as well as Tribes, are given as reminders often to help students stay on task, focused, be attentive, and do their best. Students who follow the rules and have Helping Hands / Helping Heart throughout the day earn their "Happy Dot". The Happy Dot stickers are saved and exchanged for a prize once their chart is filled.